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FilenameVET_TIGERFALLS.rar (528) Download Link to file
Size24538 KB
Uploaded08.04.2007 07:23:16 / Chavez
Downloads1253 / 05.05.2021 01:47:49

This is VC2's Tiger Falls converted to VC1.

Mission: One of our aircraft has crashed landed in this area. Your mission is to locate the jet and check for survivors. You are also to eliminate any Vietcong you find in the area....Good Luck

Coop: 12 players vs 51 deadly VC

CTF: 16 US versus 16 VC

Compliments to SAS OZ, TRAVX, Murphy, Chavez_US, Shecky Moskowitz, Solar, AGU Sheppo, Doc Savage, (VETMET)...


Comments (4) Add comment

10.07.2007 02:59:16 by Chrishna
For some reason I can't load this map on my client computer. The server seems to work fine.
Something like "Failed to initialize VET_TIGERFALLSCooP".

Any idea what this is about?

12.07.2007 12:24:52 by Assassin
Do you have Fist Alpha?

14.07.2007 00:50:19 by Chrishna
No, I don't. Is that why they won't work?

06.10.2007 01:47:40 by Frenchy

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