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FilenameVET_NHUGIAM.rar (348) Download Link to file
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Uploaded18.09.2005 02:17:21 / Chavez
Downloads1769 / 27.11.2021 03:22:32
DescriptionVC are using an abandoned prison (VCK's Lockdown) as a hide-out. They are supplying local Vietcong with ordinance and supplies. Your mission is to take your Elite team of 10 highly trained US soldiers and completely wipe out all 54 VC...Good Luck!

These VC are viscious and will sneak up on and out-flank you, very attentive!

Visit for the latest news on the origional VC1 and upcoming VC2 release...


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24.06.2007 22:27:13 by Doctor Shazam
Rename like .rar, and all files. Server problem.

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