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FilenameTMG-PiratesFun.rar (350) Download Link to file
Size16776 KB
Uploaded19.09.2005 11:25:37 / Tommy Bonez
Downloads1219 / 07.11.2020 12:01:06
DescriptionAvast , Me Hearties !

1st This is a FUN map , dedicated to the Talk like a Pirate day ,19th Sept

This map got drivable boats ! And changed US Uniform skins !
Turn Hradba OFF !
and I recommend to restart ur PC before and after playin it

Map got DM,TDM , 32 player ,only Baikals available
RW , 32 players
and of course COOP , 8 players
56 enemy Pirates armed with Machetes and Baikals !

Go on a journey to Rape , Plunder and Destroy , beim Klabautermann

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

made by Tommy Bonez

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08.12.2013 16:14:55 by {420}Ninjutsu
funniest and most beautiful map ever

Last updated 20.3.2004 12:39:44 / Don Turtuma